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Thrive Crystal Necklace - Empowerment Collection

Thrive Crystal Necklace - Empowerment Collection

Product Description: 

Deepen your gifting experience with the Thrive Crystal Necklace from Sentimental Gems. Our unique jewelry pieces are more than just adornments; they carry intentions and affirmations to inspire and empower. The Thrive Crystal Necklace is part of our Empowerment Collection, designed to amplify the intention of growth, progress, and flourishing in every aspect of life. 

Handcrafted with care and intention, this necklace features a carefully selected combination of crystals known for their energetic properties. The crystals work together to help the wearer embrace their inner strength, cultivate positive energy, and create a path to personal growth. 


  • Crystal Combination: The Thrive Crystal Necklace features a harmonious blend of crystals, including Aventurine, Citrine, and Amazonite, chosen for their energies of abundance, vitality, and communication. 
  • Affirmation Card: Each necklace comes with an affirmation card tailored to the intent of thriving. This card serves as a reminder of the positive energies you're inviting into your life. 
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our necklaces are handcrafted with attention to detail. The crystals are carefully chosen, cleansed, and set to create a beautiful and energetically aligned piece. 
  • Adjustable Chain: The necklace comes with an adjustable chain to ensure a comfortable fit for all wearers. It can be worn close to the heart, allowing the crystals' energy to resonate with your intentions. 
  • Gift of Empowerment: The Thrive Crystal Necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a thoughtful gift that encourages personal growth, positivity, and empowerment. It's the perfect present for birthdays, graduations, new beginnings, or anyone who seeks to embrace their potential. 

How to Order: 

  • Visit the Sentimental Gems Thrive Crystal Necklace page. 
  • Choose your preferred necklace length. 
  • Add the necklace to your cart. 
  • Proceed to checkout and provide your shipping information. 
  • Your Thrive Crystal Necklace will be carefully packaged and shipped, ready to inspire and empower. 

Elevate your gifting game with the Thrive Crystal Necklace from Sentimental Gems. This unique and intentional piece of jewelry goes beyond fashion, embodying the power of positive intentions and encouraging the wearer to thrive in all aspects of life. Whether it's for a loved one or yourself, this necklace is a beautiful reminder of the strength within you. 

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Jewellery Materials

Product Information -unless stated otherwise:

  • Necklace Length: 18' with 16' jump ring
  • Material: Silver Plated (Cadmium Free, Nickel Free, & Lead Free - Long-Lasting Silver Plated) or Brass (Cadmium Free, Nickel Free, & Lead Free -Long-Lasting Golden Plated).
  • Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Rose Gold, Stainless Steal, and Copper upgrades available please contact.
  • For the option to Purchase as a Bracelet / Anklet please contact.

Crystal Kit Information

Product Information:

  • Comes in a linen satchel
  • Each stone varies in size but on average is a medium to small stone (see images for better reference)
  • Scroll detailing the stones
  • Instruction suggestions manual

Caring For Your Gems

CUSTOMER CARE -- Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help placing an order. Send us a direct message or visit our FAQ.

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Important Notes about your One of a Kind Piece

Please Note: Each piece is handmade ☀, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their way ♥! No two are ever the same, making them one of a kind. The piece you recieve will include all the stones featured however it will not be identical to the one shown in the picture.